Where is Hillcrest?

     Hillcrest is located in southeast Washington, DC. The official boundaries are defined by a line beginning at the intersection of 31st Street, SE and Pennsylvania Avenue, extending southeastward along Pennsylvania Avenue SE to the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE and the District of Columbia boundary line (at Southern Avenue, SE); extending southwestward along that District Line to the intersection of that line with Naylor Road, SE; extending northward along Naylor Road, SE to the intersection of Naylor Road, SE with 27th Street, SE; from thence in a straight line running eastward through the park to reach the upper point of 31st Street, SE and then following 31st Street, SE northward to the original intersection of 31st Street SE and Pennsylvania Avenue, SE said boundary to include both sides of 31st Street, SE including Randle Highlands Elementary School. 

    The most direct route to Hillcrest from downtown Washington is straight out Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., over the Sousa Bridge. Continue on Pennsylvania Ave. up the hill, past the historic old firehouse, Engine Co. 19. Turn right on Branch Avenue, a street lined with arching trees and proud colonial-style homes. Continuing south on Branch Avenue, turn left or right on any street before Southern Avenue to explore the beautiful neighborhood of Hillcrest.

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